Built Environment

Built Environment Architectural BIM

Architectural & BIM

Through the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM), Exergy develops accurate and high quality architectural designs

Built Environment Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Our mission is to deliver buildings that provide satisfactory internal conditions and services with minimal energy consumption

Sustainable Construction

Sustainable Construction

We are focused on implementing innovative products and services to help achieve a low carbon status in building construction

Renewable Energy

Solar PV

Exergy provides a range of technical and professional services across the solar energy sector

Thermal Solar

Thermal Solar

Solar water heating provides hot water using free heat from the sun in a simple and sustainable way which helps to reduce your energy bills

Bioenergy Biofuel

Bioenergy & Biofuel

Exergy provides a range of technical and professional consultancy services across biomass processing technologies

Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable Solutions Energy Efficiency Strategies

Energy Efficiency Strategies

Exergy implements best practices, technologies and methods to minimise energy consumption in a large variety of industrial processes

Engineering support

Engineering Support

From concept design to scale-up and commercialisation of industrial biotechnology, biorefining and circular projects.

Exergy Analysis

Exergy Analysis

Exergy analysis is performed to use energy more efficiently. A method for analysing the impacts of products and services.


Free Commercial Solar PV

Exergy is member of:

SPIRE, Sustainable Process Industry through Resource and Energy Efficiency Tech Tour 2017


Free Commercial Solar PV

Free Commercial Solar PV

Helping businesses benefit from solar energy to reduce electricity costs. For Free. Exergy Ltd in partnership with REI (Renewable Energy Investments)

Learn more: Free Commercial Solar PV

John Laing Building

The John Laing Building is situated in Coventry, UK and is one of the chosen demo sites for the RESSEEPE project.

Visit the site: