Bioenergy & Biofuel

Bioenergy & Biofuel

Exergy provides a range of technical and professional consultancy services across biomass processing technologies with the ability to develop processes for a variety of feed-stocks and products.

Exergy specialise in process simulation of solids processing facilities using advanced engineering simulation software including Aspen Tech software engineering suite (Learn more about Aspen Tech software engineering suite: Aspen Plus ). This enables Exergy engineers to provide more reliable, process designs early in project development and subsequently make correct decisions required for the successful execution of the project.


  • Feasibility Studies
  • Conceptual Design
  • Process Optimisation Studies
  • Remote monitoring

Case Studies

Gasification Plant

Gasification Plant (Luxembourg)

This 2MW gasifier is part of a combined heat and power plant in Luxembourg. The system is designed to process a mixture of sewerage sludge and green waste but the plant was also simulated and optimised for the production of synthesis gas for use as feed stock in diesel and synthetic natural gas (SNG) production.