Energy Efficiency Strategies

Energy Efficiency Strategies

Industrial processes consume significant amounts of energy, becoming an important issue, which prevents us from tackling the climate change.  Our experienced engineers implement best practices, technologies and methods to minimize energy consumption in a large variety of industrial processes.

State of the art modelling tools provides us an opportunity to develop different design scenarios and identify the most suitable design options with maximum operational performance.


  • Process Engineering
  • CFD Modelling and Documentation
  • Energy Efficiency Assessments and Strategies
  • Research and Development

Case Studies

Reverse Osmosis Plant
(Hospitalet de LLobregat-Spain)

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Exergy currently performs an energy efficiency assessment and develops tailored solutions to reduce its energy use. The image illustrates the Reverse Osmosis Plant located - Llobregat, Spain. This desalination plant is one of the most well-known facilities with a capacity of 200,000 m3/day & it has been operating since July 2009.

Gasification Plant

Gasification Plant (Luxembourg)

This 2MW gasifier is part of a combined heat and power plant in Luxembourg. The system is designed to process a mixture of sewerage sludge and green waste but the plant was also simulated and optimised for the production of synthesis gas for use as feed stock in diesel and synthetic natural gas (SNG) production.