Engineering Support

Industrial Monitoring systems

Exergy offers engineering support to the industry and SMEs from concept design to scale-up and commercialisation of industrial biotechnology, biorefining and circular projects.

Our technology focus is the development of biochemicals, biofuels, renewable technologies and products, including feedstock and waste valorisations.

We perform Techno-economic analysis and energy efficiency and process optimisation.

Some services in more detail:

  • Engineering process development and design
  • Concept design, scale-up
  • Technology integration
  • Preparation of Process Flow Diagrams
  • Development of Mass and Energy Balances
  • Techno-economics feasibility analysis to put together the business case
  • Process modelling, simulation and optimisation
  • Technology and feasibility studies
  • Pinch analysis and energy optimisation of industrial processes
  • Exergy analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Business cases
  • Business models
  • Value chain analysis